Special Care Baby Unit

Our Special Care Baby Unit looks after babies who need more than the usual level of care. At Great Western Hospital approximately 450 babies each year need additional support in the first few days and weeks of their life. These include babies who are born prematurely, are having difficulty being delivered or have concerns following birth. The unit has both special care, high dependency and intensive care cots that cater for different levels of need.

Donations to Brighter Futures for SCBU would help fund state of the art treatment and equipment to help give that extra special level of care to those born too soon.

In partnership with Charity New Life, who help to raise money for local special care baby units, we are currently fundraising to replace 5 of our incubators with a newer model that bring greater benefit to both baby and parents.

The unit has 10 incubators, which are now 15 years old. Whilst they are still functioning, the team have to replace parts frequently and are now looking to replace 5 of their incubators with a newer model.   

More recently incubator manufacturers have developed newer incubator models, which have some really useful benefits. Newer features include special controls on noise and light (these aspects of ‘developmental care’ are key to optimising brain development in premature babies).  Several models offer special adaptations such that the incubator can be lowered to the height of a parent’s lap, with a special tray that can pull out such that parents can almost have their baby on their lap. 

If you would like to donate towards the purchase of these items or wish to make a general donation towards the unit please click here.

Thank you.