Droplet Hydration Aid Cups

Are you looking for motivation to keep you focussed with your health and fitness goals? Perhaps giving up alcohol, coffee or junk food? Or maybe you are going to take on a fitness challenge and are looking for some extra motivation to keep you focussed.

Maybe you have another fundraising idea in mind and would like to support some of our most vulnerable patients.

 We would like to purchase 6 Droplet Hydration Aid Cups for every ward in the hospital.

The droplet cup is an innovative device that makes it easier for patients to stay hydrated, and easier for carers and health care professionals to detect if a patient isn’t drinking regularly. In particular those who need additional support to stay hydrated, such as the elderly or those suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s or the effects of a stroke. 

The base unit plays a message and flashes to remind users to drink rather than rely on carers or nurses to remind them. Family members or carers can record their own personalised messages (particularly helpful if the patient’s first language is not English). On a ward, the flashing base unit can be seen from a distance, so nursing staff can quickly see who has not been drinking.

Many patients admitted to the Great Western Hospital are at risk of poor hydration. This can inhibit their recovery, lengthen their stay in hospital and can even affect their survival.

Drinking plenty and keeping hydrated is essential for everyday health and fitness, but it's even more important when recovering from illness or injury.

One cup only costs £27.60 – for example if you put the money you saved from not buying a coffee every day or from not drinking you would easily have enough money to purchase one cup. And if a group of you got together, you could easily raise enough to supply a whole ward for £165.00.

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