Case Studies

Sue's story


Sue was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in April 2014.

As a busy wife and mum and owner of a successful hair and beauty salon in Swindon, Sue never gave cancer a second thought until two clients talked about it in her studio one day.

Fred Bassett's story


Fred Bassett knows more than most how important a radiotherapy unit in Swindon is to cancer patients…

Jo Garten's story


Jo Garton knows more than many how it feels to make that journey from Swindon to Oxford every day to receive radiotherapy treatment.

Jim Laing's story


Jim Laing's travels for treatment

Melanie Lyng's story


In April 2014 Melanie had a routine mammogram as part of the early breast screening programme.  At 47 she was not concerned and saw the appointment as a routine visit as she had no lumps and felt perfectly well with no other concerns about her health. 


Melanie was completely shocked to learn that she had Stage 1 cancer in one breast. 


Tony's story


Tony Marks shares his experiences of radiotherapy

Ken Waites Story


Ken turns down Radiotherapy as he couldn't face the drive.