How your donations help cancer patients

Imagine being given the news that will change not only your life but the lives of the people you love.

Imagine being given news which means you’ll need to spend countless hours travelling to and from hospital to receive treatment in the hope that it will save your life.

Imagine having to make a choice between spending that time travelling for treatment, rather than spending this vital time with the people you love.

The sad fact is that you don’t need to imagine it as this is happening to our patients right now.

Our cancer patients make the journey to Oxford, Bath or Cheltenham to begin radiotherapy treatment in the hope it will save their life.

Patients spend on average 40 days travelling to and from Oxford for treatment and some can take up to seven weeks at a time.

We want to change this once and for all, and to give people lifesaving radiotherapy treatment right here in Swindon.


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