24 Hour Music Marathon

With over 36 hours of music you are in for a treat!  So why not come along to hear some amazing acts and enjoy some delicious refreshments.

All proceeds to Brighter Futures Radiotherapy Appeal

9am October 7th to 9am October 8th at Immanuel Church,Upham Road, Swindon, SN3 1DH

Event is supported by Dixon's Piano Services and Holmes Music.

24 hour Music Marathon Programme

Items in bold are in the main body of the church

Items in Italics are in the hall

All other items are in the choir room

You are welcome to enjoy the music in any of the rooms at any time but please try to be sympathetic to the performers by entering and leaving quietly between pieces

9am  Fanfare from Pegasus Brass

          Piano solo – Bella Nunnery

          Marlborough Accordion Orchestra

9.50  Piano solo – Paul Turner

10am         Janice Thompson Performance Trust Academy Singers, featuring Matilda Wale

A selection of piano music featuring the O’Brien family, Tim Lee, Trinity Lee, Lydia and Jasper  Rungasamy, Heidi Blunt, Isla Clark, Alex Hunt and Sofia Gasparroni

10.40         Stephen Nicholls plays Hammered Dulcimer folk music

11am         Robert Buckland MP sings a selection of songs

11.20         Generations of Sound – an eclectic mix of mainly  popular music for choir

Students of Sue Hayes Music Tuition featuring Aryan Iyer and Harriet Crawford on flute and Katherine Howell, Bethany Donald, Caoimhe Tucker and Joseph Crawford on Piano

12.10         Sue Hayes Flute Trio – including Scarborough Fair and To a Wild Rose

          Oscar Brain plays Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu

A selection of wind music from the students of Anya Bellamy featuring Frankie Sadler, Imogen Granger, Beatrice Granger, Harrison France, Isobel Perry, Lydia Herridge, Naomi Keighley and Hannah Keighley

12.30         Pegasus Brass

1.10  Victoria Chan plays Mozart’s Fantasia in D Minor for Piano

1.20  Pauline Loveday and Maggie Grady - from Monteverdi to Elton John - sharing some of our favourites. Flute and piano, piano solos and vocal duets

1.50  Strictly Recorders and Wentworth Voices –  music based on All Things Bright and Beautiful

2.40  Laurel and Heidi Saunders - instrumental

2.50  Sabastian Scanlon – solo guitar

          Cathy Gibbs plays 2 Telemann sonatas for solo recorder

3.20  Students of Sarah Summers, featuring Bonita Laker, Lily Winch, Emily McLoughlin, Jake and Isobel Harris, Al Virgilio and Olivia Christian

3.40  The Jones Family

          The Cannings Family sing and play piano

3.50  Cathy Gibbs sings Vivaldi’s Stabat Mater

4pm  Students of The Bees Keys presented by Sarah Daltrey

          Sebastian Scanlon plays drums

4.10  Kelly and Ailsa McCarthy sing and play, including Revolting Children from Matilda

4.20  John Cullimore and Nick Weaver sing and play piano, including Ravel’s Menuet from Le Tombeau de Couperin

4.30  The Porter Family play and sing

5pm  Janice Thompson and Family singing and playing piano

          Choir, The Noteables sing a variety of popular songs

5.30  Georgina Volkers – songs from the musical Evening Primrose

          Students of The Ridgeway School presented by Mrs Rebecca Jankinson

5.40  BigSingThing – popular vocal numbers for choir

6pm  Alternative rock group Picture Me This perform original songs and covers

6.10  The Jankinson family – piano solos

6.20  Adam and James Taylor – piano solo

          Georgina Volkers sings Pulled from The Addams Family

6.30  The Jones Family

          The Gilbert and Sullivan Society

          Ellen Travers  - folk song

7pm  Dr William McCrea and the GWH children’s choir

          The Carers Choir

7.30  The Military Wives Ensemble

7.40  Olya and the Bond Girls        - Singing and dancing James Bond theme tunes

7.50  Emma Pooley and Rachel Burbidge perform Vaughan Williams’ Ten Blake Songs for soprano and oboe

8.10  Ruth Hastings sings popular songs

8.30  Sandra Mayo sings musical theatre songs

8.40  Fiona MacArthur, Sarah Cantwell and Nick Evans sing a selection of popular songs

8.50  Emma Pooley, Robyn Volkers, Rachel Burbidge and Sarah Summers perform Caldara’s Cliori, mia bella cliori

9.10  Olivia Tuck sings

          Roger Mepstead plays piano and sings a selection of ballads

9.20  The Alegria Trio, featuring William Tell

9.40  Sarah Daltrey entertains on the piano - from Einaudi to Amadeus

9.50  Sarah Summers and Emma Pooley – The Fools who Dream from LalaLand

10pm         Christ Church Hand Bell Ringers

10.10         Rosie Tuck sings

10.30         Michele Blain plays piano

11pm         Dawn Ball and Hilary Taylor – Berceuse from Dolly Suite by Faure

11.10         Laurel Saunders – clarinet and voice

11.30         Gary Bamford and Susannah Bevington sing pop, soul and jazz

00.00         Paul Turner plays all the Chopin Nocturnes

2am  Heather Bishop plays a variety of music on her accordion

2.30  2 quarter peals of English Change Ringing rung on hand bells by the Vale of the White Horse ringers

3.20  Debbie Lovell and Jen Bamford

4.20  Bob Jack – classical Spanish guitar

5.20  Geoff Walters plays a selection of music on the church organ

6.20  David Stephenson sings some Gilbert and Sullivan arias

6.40  Alan Rothwell plays folk and country on ukulele

7am  Caroline Pitt sings Spirituals and Folk Songs

7.30  Kentwood Show Choir sing numbers from the musicals

8.30  Matthew Burbidge plays the theme from Skyfall on Saxophone

          Lucy Burbidge, Hannah Dolman and Dawn Ball – Skye Boat Song for Piano Trio

          Hannah Dolman sings Stay Awake

          Lucy Burbidge plays Send in the Clowns on French Horn

8.50  Finale of the notes you have bought, composed by Craig Ball and performed by Paul Turner

Stay as long as you like, support our performers, enjoy a cuppa and please give generously!