NHS Big Tea

Join us this July as the NHS celebrates it's 75th birthday and we join with NHS Charities Together to mark the NHS Big Tea!

We’re hoping you’ll step up to the kettle and fundraise for Brighter Futures for this momentous occasion!

You can brew up a storm on 5 July, the 75th birthday of the NHS, or any day that week (3rd-9th July)

Hosting an NHS Big Tea is a great way to bring communities, your school, friends and colleagues together around a shared love of the NHS whilst raising money to support NHS staff, volunteers and patients. There are so many ways to raise money; from asking for donations in return for tea, cake and good company, to hosting a quiz, or running baking competitions. The possibili-teas are endless!

With your support, we can provide the best care possible to our patients, their families and visitors to the Trust.

Everyone can get involved and every cuppa makes a difference.

So, grab your teapot, pop the kettle on and let’s turn tea and cake into cash.