New Year, New You 2021

Now we are in another lockdown, we are extending our New Year, New You 2021 Fitness challenge beyond January.  It is not too late to sign up and raise funds for our Dementia Appeal.  You can chose your own start day - you don't need to start on the first day of the month.

We are challenging you to either walk/jog/skip 10,000 steps or go alcohol free every day for a whole month, or for the duration of the lockdown period and ask your friends and family to sponsor you.  Every penny raised will make a huge difference to the lives of our dementia patients, their carers and our staff.  

Brighter Futures 10,000 steps a day Challenge

Sign up for committing to walk or run 10,000 steps a day for a month (or for the duration of the lockdown period) and reap the health benefits as well as raising much needed funds for a good cause. 

Based on the average person’s stride 10,000 steps is 5 miles, meaning you will cover at least 155 miles throughout a month.  What a great way to kick start a new healthy regime.

There are a few ways to record your steps, there are lots of free apps available on mobile phones which you can download or you can use a pedometer or a fitness watch.



Brighter Futures Alcohol Free Challenge

We all know the last 12 months has been a challenge for everyone and most of us can feel guilty for drinking more than normal, so why not use this lockdown as a chance to reset your drinking habits and feel the health benefits as well as supporting a worthy appeal.

How To Take Part:

Choose your challenge, or do both!  Head to our appeal page and click on +fundraise for us to set up your fundraising page.

Share your fundraising page with all your friends and family and ask for sponsorship to help keep you motivated.

Also, look at our fundraising toolkit and ideas to fundraise pages to give you inspiration to raise more funds.