In 2019 the Great Western NHS Foundation Trust launched its refreshed strategy “Our Strategy 2019 – 2024” a coming together and sharing of thoughts and ideas for how our local health service will meet future challenges. The ultimate goal is to join up care for patients to improve their outcomes, keep people well for longer and doing it with care and compassion, ensuring that by working together the local NHS is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Trust’s vision is: “Deliver joined up services for local people at home, in the community and in hospital helping them to lead independent and healthier lives.”

The Trust’s strategy aims are to be known for:

  • Outstanding patient care and a focus on quality improvement in all that we do
  • Staff and volunteers feeling valued and involved in helping improve quality of care for patients
  • Improving the quality of patient care by joining up acute and community services in Swindon and through partnerships with other providers
  • Using our funding wisely to give us a stronger foundation to support sustainable improvements in quality of patient care

NHS charities such as Brighter Futures enable hospitals like the Great Western NHS Foundation Trust to realise patient benefit much sooner by enhancing the environment for patients and staff in which health services can be delivered, enable carers and staff caring for patients to benefit from education and facilities not normally available within the NHS funding and fund extra equipment and staffing to the Trust above the NHS funding envelope.

Over the next four years Brighter Futures will support the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust by focusing on five key strategic priorities (click on the links below to read more):

  1. Innovation
  2. Cancer Service Development
  3. Elderly Care
  4. Well-being
  5. Better births

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