Appeal Update




We are delighted to have taken delivery of the 18 Variable Height Cots on 12th November 2020.

Variable Height Cots for the Delivery and Maternity Wards

The cots currently in use on our wards have been in use since 2002 and have provided care to tens of thousands of babies delivered at Great Western Hospital.

We would like to replace all 18 fixed height cots with a more modern variable height cot. These cots are already used in our midwife lead unit - the White Horse Birth Centre - and we want to extend their use, so that all new born babies and parents can benefit from the enhanced care they offer.

Benefits of the Variable Height Cots

The Croyde Variable Height Cot is designed to help improve the bonding experience between Mother and baby after childbirth. As they enable easy access for parents to care for their baby.

The adjustable height and that fact that the cot can be placed across the bed rather than to the side are of great benefit to mothers who have a caesarean section.

It can be placed underneath the hospital bed frame to allow the cradle and baby to be positioned safely over the top of the bed.   This allows mother and baby to have skin-to-skin contact without the risks of the mother becoming tired and struggling to put the baby back in the cot.

The variable height feature allows the cot to be raised or lowered to suit the midwife or the mother and avoids the need for uncomfortable bending / reaching.

The cot can be raised and lowered in one simple, hands-free movement to allow it to be positioned at the ideal height for the midwife or mother. 

It is supplied as standard with a storage basket for changing materials which is also ergonomically located at the same height as the cradle to avoid unnecessary bending and reaching.