Foetal Heart Monitors

Mobile Telemetry Foetal Heart Monitors 

We are hoping to raise £59,727 to purchase four mobile telemetry monitors for our delivery ward so that women in labour can keep mobile and walk around freely.

The Need

The majority of women giving birth on the delivery suite at Great Western Hospital require continuous fetal heart rate monitoring (CTG). They have risk factors which mean they are not suitable for home birth or mid-wife lead delivery. Currently our monitors connect to the woman via wires. This restricts mobility and often means that women will labour on beds instead of being upright and mobile, increasing the likelihood of an instrumental birth or caesarean section.Simple activities like finding a comfortable position or even just walking around can be quite challenging. 

The Solution

Our solution is to offer mobile telemetry CTG monitors  to women giving birth. Mobile telemetry is a form of wireless fetal heart rate monitoring (CTG) that is also waterproof. It enables women to walk around freely, use the birthing ball or use a birthing pool for pain relief, thereby improving patient choice and experience. There is evidence that mobility during labour brings benefits including shorter labours, less severe pain and less intervention.

Each monitor connects wirelessly to a base station showing all the vital information that the clinical team need to keep mum and baby safe. 

The Impact

  • Women at risk of complications will have greater choice over their birth experience without compromising their safety.

  • It will enable staff to promote normality for those women for whom it is important.

  • Increased mobility during labour will mean that women are less likely to have an instrumental birth or a caesarean section.