Bladder scanner

Bladder Scanner

The Flexible Cystoscopy Clinic, run by the Urology Department would greatly benefit from the addition of a dedicated bladder scanner for their service. The scanner would be used to assess men who are in retention (unable to pass urine) in a prompt manner. At present, when a scanner is required the clinical team has to borrow one from a different service from other wards at Great Western Hospital. 

Flexible Cystoscopy Service

Each week the service runs 6 clinics (with occasional extra out-of-hours sessions) and sees 50 patients. Patients are generally men and can present with bladder cancer, strictures (narrowing of the water pipe) and enlarged prostrate. All these can cause retention meaning that patients are unable to pass urine. This is extremely uncomfortable and can be very painful.


In a typical clinic a bladder scanner will be needed two or three times. The addition of a dedicated bladder scanner for the Flexible Cystoscopy Service would greatly improve the service we provide to patients.

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“There are bladder scanners in two departments in the hospital. We have to run to get the scanner and return it after use, if these scanners are broken or in use this can delay a catheter being inserted to alleviate the patients discomfort and it holds up the clinic.”

Melanie Creighton, Nursing Auxiliary, Urology

This project had been instigated by passionate staff from the Flexible Cystoscopy Clinic, who are actively fundraising to achieve the target for this project. Any support offered would boost their fundraising efforts and be greatly appreciated.