Sue was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in April 2014.

As a busy wife and mum and owner of a successful hair and beauty salon in Swindon, Sue never gave cancer a second thought until two clients talked about it in her studio one day.

After thinking about their experiences she made sure she would check for lumps and was dismayed when she found one in her own breast.

After a consultation with the team at Great Western Hospital, Sue's mammogram showed a cancerous lump.

Sue said "How do you find the words to tell your kids that you have breast cancer?"

Within two weeks, Sue began a 4 month treatment of chemotherapy at Great Western Hospital which finished in August 2014.

Sue said "As a hairdresser – one of the hardest parts of dealing with the breast cancer was losing my hair.

My lack of hair or new wig was often a conversation topic in my salon which was hard to deal with at first.

Even though I styled the wig like I would my own hair it still attracted comments from my clients."

Sue then had surgery in October to remove a tumour and had a total lymph node removal as the cancer had spread into her lymph nodes in her arm pit.

Then Sue was referred for Radiotherapy treatment and her first appointment was on 23 December 2014.

Radiotherapy treatment

The 23 sessions of radiotherapy treatment started and continued over the Christmas and New Year period.

Every Monday to Friday, Sue travelled more than 70 miles to receive radiotherapy at Bath's Royal United Hospital.

Each daily appointment lasts just one or two minutes but the drive takes an hour each way.

When Sue returns to Swindon she starts work in her salon for the day.

She has worked throughout her illness and continues the exhausting journey to Bath from Swindon to receive radiotherapy treatment which finished in January 2015.

Sue says "Not only is this exhausting when trying to work and look after the family you are still suffering the effects of the chemotherapy and the surgery.

You just don't have time to recover as everything needs to happen so fast.

The Radiotherapy has its own side effects too which include extreme tiredness and when you are up at the crack of dawn to start your trip for a two-minute session of radiotherapy; it can take its toll."

Sue continues "What's more, the added expense hits hard too; I have tried to work as much as I can but the chemotherapy made me so ill at times I was hospitalised which meant my husband took my role within the home and that included the children.

He's self-employed so does not get paid if he doesn't work so it has been a financial struggle as well as an emotional one.

It would be so much more beneficial if we had a unit here in Swindon, it would help emotionally, financially and physically."

The Radiotherapy appeal will stop Swindon cancer patients like Sue having to complete that horrendous drive to Oxford, Cheltenham or Bath.

Sue is a fantastic role model for Swindon business women.

What Brighter Futures aims to do is to stop her tireless struggle to deal with breast cancer and travel for her treatment when it should be here in Swindon Great for her to access.

Please help our Radiotherapy appeal.


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