Elderly Care projects

Advances in health care have helped people to live longer than ever before which creates new challenges for the NHS. The biggest users of the NHS now are older people. The average 85-year-old costs the NHS around eight times more compared to the average 25-30-year-old. The British population is not only growing – up 12 per cent over the next 20 years – but getting older too; the number of people aged over 75 will be 73 per cent higher by 2036.

Being able to stay healthy in later life is a crucial issue for all of us. At the Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust we are improving care and supporting older people to look after their own health, particularly people with multiple long term conditions, including frailty.

Click below to hear more about the elderly care initiatives that have taken place at the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and to hear about the new projects we are working on and fundraising for:

Rehabilitation Bike