Pat's Wish

1 in 3 people are now expected to develop dementia in their lifetime; dementia is a condition that will likely affect us all. On average 175 individuals with a diagnosis of dementia are admitted to the Great Western Hospital every month. For any of us, being admitted to hospital can be an extremely challenging time however for our patients who rely on familiarity, the hospital can be a really unsettling place. With your support we’re looking to improve the hospital environment by making our spaces more dementia friendly. We want to purchase resources to enable reminiscence and sensory stimulation and introduce a music therapist. Our first aim is to purchase dementia friendly clocks which will aid a sense of orientation to time and place for our patients.

That's why we need your help today. By creating a hospital environment that meets the individual needs of people with dementia, we’ll be able to personalise care and in turn enhance our patient’s sense of wellbeing.

The Piper Family have bravely shared with us how dementia has affected their family.  Watch this short video to see how they are determined to keep Pat's memory alive. 


The pain one feels when witnessing the love of your life being taken away from you by dementia is beyond any words I have or will ever be able to find. I was married to Pat for 51 years she was my pride, my joy and was beautiful in every way. Pat was a perfect role model to her children and grandchildren and her love for them even in her darkest days never wavered.

Dementia affects everybody in different ways and can be a cruel disease and unfortunately our journey was traumatic. I watched my darling Pat deteriorate for 14 years, every year we lost a little bit more of Pat and at the same time I continued to lose parts of me. We finally lost Pat to mixed Dementia in April 2021 and as a family we are not quite sure how we will ever recover from her loss, or how we will continue to cope, I suppose we just have to.


As part of Pat’s wish and legacy, we are proudly supporting the Dementia Appeal. After experiencing a prolonged stay at the Great Western Hospital with Pat, we actively want to support the staff to provide personalised care for patients and for them to be more equipped to recognise and address the specific needs that those with dementia can have.

As I continue to grieve, I ask myself what is the point of me now? Pat has gone and so what is my purpose? The answer is still and will always be the love of my life, my wife Pat. I will make sure her wish comes true and her memory lives on.

Please help us to make Pat’s wish come true by supporting this Brighter Futures Dementia Appeal.


To see the full Dementia Mailing letter and to understand how you can donate to this very important appeal, please kindly click on the link below.

Dementia Appeal - Mailing Letter - Pat's Wish