Rehabilitation Bike

Rehabilitation Bike for the Swindon Intermediate Care Centre

We would like inpatients on our Forest Ward to benefit from the use of a Thera Training Bike. This amazing rehabilitation equipment will allow our Physiotherapy team to provide more therapy to a larger number of patients recovering from strokes and other neurological conditions.

The Forest Ward

Swindon Intermediate Care Centre provides rehabilitation services and treatment for people with a range of needs. Within the centre, the Forest ward is the rehabilitation ward for the hospital receiving patients on the stroke and fractured neck of femur (thigh bone) pathway. It has 30 beds, including up to 15 stroke rehabilitation beds.

A dedicated physiotherapy team works with patients to aid their recovery. Exercising is key to improving patients’ mobility and strength. The team has been looking at ways to enhance the rehabilitation that they can offer patients. After a very successful 6-week trial of the Thera Tigo 510 training bike they are keen to have one available to benefit all patients.

“The bike has made my recovery a lot quicker as it shows how much effort the legs are putting and I could work harder to get my weaker leg working harder than my stronger leg. It’s a great new focus as you can note down final activity and aim to exceed that the next time. I think after just a few times on the bike I started to learn to walk again!”

“I would like to say that the new bike, is a must for my recovery. I find it so easy to manage, I use it as much as I possibly can, and I feel it is a great asset to the ward, and long may it continue.”

The Thera Tigo 510 Training Bike

Use of this bike enables us to offer more patients a therapy session each day. In particular it enables the team to apply a functional strengthening exercise with some meaning and engagement. In the course of a year we estimate that the bike would be used 1,000 times.

The particular model allows patients to play games on the larger screen whilst cycling. These games give an indication of symmetry of effort through the pedals. This is extremely useful for the patients that we are treating who have had strokes.

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  • Use of the Thera Bike will extend the amount of therapy that patients receive.

  • Appropriate patients can have access to the Thera Bike over the weekends.

  • Having the Thera Bike on the ward allows us to promote some recovery in terms of cardiovascular rehabilitation and considering secondary prevention of stroke.

  • The Thera Bike allows patients that might normally have to be assisted by two members of staff to be seen by a single staff member when appropriate.

  • The bike can be easily moved to a patient at their own bed space.