Innovation projects

Innovation is regularly highlighted as part of the solution to the challenges facing the NHS. In doing so at the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, we are recognising some enormous benefits: better outcomes for patients; improved equitable access; more cost-effective integration of care and resources around the needs of our patients and populations.

We want quality to be the golden thread running through everything we do.  We want to be held up as an example of an organisation that, when it commits wholeheartedly to focus its energies to deliver improvements in quality, becomes the beacon across the NHS in terms of improved safety of care.  We want to raise the bar each time and be ambitious and innovative in how we deliver improvements in quality so that we become an outstanding Trust.

Click below to hear more about the innovations that have taken place at the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and to hear about the new projects we are working on and fundraising for:

Build a Brighter Future Appeal