Imogen and baby Florence - Dräger Babyleo trial

Florence was born on the 8th February this year weighing in at 9lb 15oz and with a full head of hair. A few hours after birth Florence started to show signs of being ill. She was taken to the SCBU as she went down hill quite quickly which was horrible for my partner and I as we were a matter of hours away from leaving hospital. Florence was placed into the BabyLeo incubator which they had on trial. I wanted to share with everyone a mums point of view on this new incubator which everyone is trying hard to raise money for.

Imagine giving birth to a beautiful baby girl and all you want to do is dress them in their clothes and give them cuddles. This is all I wanted to do and it wasn't able to happen due to how poorly she was.

Florence was in the incubator for 5 days and in SCBU for 8 days in total and was diagnosed with sepsis and pneumonia which is something you never imagine a new born baby getting however being able to customize the incubator was a little luxury in a hard time. I was able to choose the colour of the lights around the base and on the digital screen I could put her name on it and also choose a little picture such as butterfly to go with it. This just meant it was a little less scary looking especially for my 5 year old who came to visit. The easy opening of the doors and top made it easier for us to hold Florence's hand. All the nurses and doctors who treated Florence said how wonderful the new incubator was. I can only imagine how fantastic these new incubators will be for all the babies in need and the parents.

I cant thank the nurses and doctors enough for helping my little girl who is now 5 months old and thriving.