Kayley Sheridan - Cedar

On July 20th 2017 I had reduced fetal movement. I visited the GWH delivery suite to hear the baby's heartbeat. This was the second time we had done this. I was immediately diagnosed with pre-clampsia so severe I needed to have an emergency cesarean at 28 weeks. I had no symptoms however my blood pressure was so high - the doctor told us I was close to having a seizure.

Our beautiful little girl was born at 4.57am - 2 hours after I was initially seen. Cedar weighed just 1lb 13oz just 843grams and within the first hours needed breathing assistance. Cedar took her first breath at 3 minutes. The midwife whispered to Matthew ''she's won't cry'' and she was taken away in a clear plastic bag to keep her warm.

Cedar spent over 90 days in hospital in the Special Care Baby Unit. She was diagnosed with a brain bleed within a few hours and needed emergency blood and platelet transfusions. We watched our baby have brain scans, blood test, x-rays and eye examinations.

Cedar finally came home on her due date on 8th October, she was 6lb, we had oxygen installed in our home and Cedar's weight and oxygen is now monitored by the community outreach team.