Rebecca Kerby - Isabelle, George and Henry

When Isabelle was born at 34 weeks it was quite daunting knowing that she was being taken straight to SCBU as we didn't know what to expect! It was a very intense environment at first because of all the monitors and the incubators etc - it can be quite frightening to see. When you give birth to your baby you expect them to be with you and in a normal cot and not an incubator, however we soon relaxed as we knew that she was being very well looked after and was in the best possible hands. Isabelle spent two weeks in SCBU and we were amazed by the care she received - she was treated like she was the only baby there - when that clearly isnt the case but that's how attentive the staff were with every single baby! They treat they babies with so much love and care that as a parent it gives you so much reassurance.


Two years later in 2017 Isabelle's twin brothers, George and Henry were born at 26 weeks.  After emergency c- section they were immediately taken to SCBU because of breathing difficulties. Due to their severe prematurity it was touch and go for a while for them both but thanks to SCBU they stabilised them both before they were moved to The Royal Gwent for 10 days, at this point they both suffered a perforation of the bowel due to ibroprophen being given to close their PDAs. At this point they were transferred to The University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff for 3 months. Here they both had stomas, it was established that Henry had a Grade 4 bleed to the brain so underwent several lumber punctures, and he was also diagnosed with a weak adrenal gland. Both George and Henry had lots of complications along the way, eventually they ended up in Bristol for a few weeks before coming back to SCBU at GWH - it was so nice to return to SCBU and see so many friendly faces, many that were there when Isabelle was born. They made the last leg of our journey complete and the support nurses that visited us once we were home were amazing and felt more like friends. After everything we went though, they helped us rebuild our home life and gave me the confidence I was struggling with after having such poorly babies. The boys are now doing well - Henry had a rough time over Christmas as he had several operations on his brain due to excess fluid, he's now had a shunt fitted and it's made a huge difference, his smiles melt my heart every time. We can't thank SCBU enough for the start they have given all three of our children.