Intra-Operative Radiotherapy Treatment

Motivated by a desire to reduce anxiety and stress for patients, the breast cancer team put plans into place to bring “Intra-Operative Radiotherapy Treatment” to Swindon.

This pioneering treatment can be given to selected patients in just one single high dose during breast cancer surgery. The team were particularly keen to benefit patients where the
social advantages of reducing the wait and travel time would be great – for example those patients with caring responsibilities of their own.

Each year approximately 360 new breast cancer patients are diagnosed at the Trust.  Whilst reassured that they are in safe hands, receiving this news can have a devastating
impact on patients and their families.The majority of patients have breast surgery at The Great Western Hospital, followed by a course of radiotherapy in Oxford, Bath or Cheltenham. This means that patients undertake a time-consuming and expensive journey between 15 and 25 times: for a treatment that often takes just four minutes.


Brighter Futures’ Breast Cancer Appeal was launched in March 2014 and quickly resonated with our supporters. It smashed its £75,000 fundraising target and our Charity provided
a grant of £150,000 to support the introduction of Intra-Operative Radiotherapy Treatment.




Doctors completing the Ice Bucket Challenge to support this appeal.