Urgent and Emergency Care

The Way Forward Programme of work will help us to develop a more integrated, streamlined and efficient health care system in Swindon that will provide an effective balance of urgent and longer-term care for our patients’ best interests.

One key project includes the expansion and co-location of urgent and emergency care services. Our current facilities for providing urgent and emergency care at Great Western Hospital are inadequate. The facilities are too small and pressure on space will only increase. The local population is growing and ageing. Demand for emergency care has almost doubled. 30,500 patients in Swindon have more than 3 chronic conditions and the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic will be felt for years to come. This adds up to heightened pressure on beds, longer lengths of stay and a poor patient experience.

The Great Western Hospital’s exciting new £15 million Urgent Treatment Centre is only the first stage in the hospital’s plans for improvements to urgent and emergency care. The modern, fit-for-purpose centre has doubled our capacity for treating patients with more clinic rooms and new plaster and ophthalmology rooms. Other unique features include separate waiting areas for adults and children as well as a beautiful calming sky ceiling. To read more about the Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) click here.

Our other plans will enable us to expand the space available to see patients needing emergency care and some of our existing emergency medicine services, currently on the third floor of the hospital, moved to the ground floor. The combination of the UTC and co-location of services will create one entrance for all urgent and emergency care patients. Patients will be assessed at the door and directed to the most appropriate areas for the treatment they require. This will ensure that staff in our Emergency Department are seeing those patients who really do need emergency treatment whilst ensuring that those who require urgent care are not left waiting for their treatment.

All this means that we will be able to provide an improved level of care and a much better experience of accessing urgent and emergency care at our hospital.