New Crop Circle helps raise funds for Radiotherapy

A local farmer's field being managed by Paul Jacobs and the 'Core Group Initiative' is generating thousands of pounds for the Radiotherapy Appeal.  

The crop circle which has appeared on land owned by local farmer and committed supporter of the Radiotherapy Appeal, James Hussey, has already attracted many hundreds of visitors in the last week.

The Core Group Initiative who's moto is 'Cooperating with Farmers' helps farmers with people, land and traffic issues at absolutely no charge .

Paul also helps collect donations for the farmer's chosen charity and in this case it is the Radiotherapy Appeal.

Jen Green, Head of Fundraising popped up to receive a cheque for more than £2,000 this week and encourages those who are interested to walk this latest crop circle and support the appeal.

Find it at the foot of Hackpen Hill just under the Ridgeway.