Speech and Language Therapy Department

Mr and Mrs Phillips made a very kind donation today of £250.00 after having had first-hand experience of living with aphasia and receiving great care from the Speech and Language team here at Great Western.

The Speech and Language Therapy Department are thrilled and very grateful for this generous donated for the second time.

This donation will enable a specialised computer package to be purchased. The Speech and Language Therapist can set up many hours of exercises that a person with aphasia can practice at home.

Aphasia is a communication problem affecting all aspects of language. It affects being able to follow conversation, talk, read and write. Aphasia can happen when a person has a stroke and is a hidden disability as you cannot see it. It can range from severe, when a person struggles to communicate in any way, to mild, where a person may have problems finding a few words when speaking or writing so being able to get this equipment will make a great difference to anyone suffering.