Radiotherapy Centre Update

We are delighted to say work has begun on site!

This much anticipated news comes after an incredible 3.5 years of local fundraising raising £2.9 million for key clinical equipment, and the success of securing a loan from the Department of Health.  The £18 million project in partnership with Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUH) will change our cancer services in Swindon and enable so many more local people to have their treatment closer to home.

The contractor, John Sisk and Sons, came on site on 3rd August 2020 and expect the build to be completed by the end of 2021 with patients beginning treatment in Swindon soon after this.

Over the coming months we will keep this page up to date with progress on the construction.  So pop back from time to time and see the amazing life saving building appear before your very eyes!

For more information about the project or appeal click here.

Friday 11th June 2021

Its been a little while since we last did an update on the big build.  Over the last two months the team on site have been focused on the external brickwork which is now up to roof level with the main roof membrane going on which will be finished in the next week. The team have now moved inside and the internal bunker mechanical and electrical works have started and the main ventilation ducting installed as well as the electrical bracketry and containment. 

Tuesday 30th March 2021

Ever wondered what 320 double decker buses or two thirds of an Olympic sized swimming pool full of concrete would look like?....well that's how much concrete we have in our amazing Radiotherapy Centre bunkers.  This concrete will keep our patients safe from the live saving radiation they will receive from the linear accelerators.  The centre is really taking shape and the good weather ready helps with our photos!

Thursday 4th February 2021

In celebration of World Cancer Day we'd like to share with you an update from the Radiotherapy Centre site from behind the hoardings.

The first of the two bunker roof slabs have been poured using approximately 270m3 of high density reinforced concrete. The roof slabs are 1.6m deep, with additional thickenings over the isocentre.

This vast amount of concrete provides the radiation shielding to the patients using the facility. The engineering involved is extremely complex, and requires a high level of quality control.

Completing the bunker is a key project milestone. We are so excited to see how quickly the building is coming along!


Friday 27th November 2020

Over the last few weeks things have really picked up momentum on site, the linac bunker walls are up and the building steels are now in place.  The building is starting to appear and its so exciting!



Friday 6th November 2020

Lots of activity this week.  The bunker concrete walls are being filled and we've had two massive cranes on site this week.  It might be a misty week but the John Sisk team are making great progress.


Thursday 22nd October 2020

It was an exciting day today celebrating the start of work on site with a mini spade in the ground event.  We wish you all could have been there with us but sadly COVID prevented us from celebrating together, but when restrictions are lifted boy will there be a big party!






Tuesday 20th October 2020


Its been a really exciting day on site today.  Early this morning the cement machine arrived to fill the linear accelerator bunker foundation slab. 


Monday 12th October 2020

Lots of heavy machinery on site this week organising the sub station.  It's been a real hive of activity.  Check out the latest timelapse film on our facebook page!


Friday 2nd October 2020

Its been another busy week on site watching the substation and incoming services being set up.  The rain hasnt affected play, its all go here!



 Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Loads of activity this week on getting the compound ready at the Radiotherapy Centre site.  Big machinery has been on site this week to move gravel and flatten the ground and get the foundations ready for the construction buildings.  All very exciting!



Wednesday 9th September 2020

Lots of activity happening this week on the compound as well as planning for the connection of vital utility services needed for the site. 




 Friday 4th September 2020

Work on the compound has started this week.  Its been wonderful hearing the noise of machinery and seeing lots construction staff on site milling around.





Monday 17th August 2020

Its been a grey old day today.  Lots and lots of rain on site but all the hoardings are now up. From on the ground we won't be able to see what's happening behind the walls, but from our birds eye view we can't wait to see the work starting.....its going to be really exciting!



Monday 10th August 2020

Its been a day of excitment with John Sisk Contractors on site putting up the hoardings around the compound.  Its the first time we've seen high vis jackets and machinery and its soooooo exciting!




Monday 3rd August 2020

The day has arrived!!!! Work begins onsite today and we are all so excited.  Our Estates team have cleared the car park and temporary metal fencing has gone up to mark out the main site compound. A timelapse camera has been installed and we will be adding new images regulary to this page.  Each month we will share with you a timelapse film of the progress made to date.