Donate Easter Eggs

We Are On The Easter Egg Hunt












Remember no matter how long the Winter – Spring is sure to follow. So now is the time to collect and donate Easter Eggs to us here at the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and spread some Easter joy.  And, don’t forget Easter is the only time of the year when its safe to put all your eggs in one basket.

We will be ready for you and accepting egg deliveries from Tuesday 5th March – Please kindly hop along and deliver your basket of eggs to our Voluntary Services Hub which is located inside the Brunel Treatment Centre.  The times to donate is between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

The final call for deliveries will be on Tuesday 26th March, this is before the big task of organising them all for delivery to the wards on Thursday 28th March.

Please think about a variety for different age groups and those that may have special dietary requirements, so please include Lactose Free, Dairy Free or Vegan alternatives.  Please do not send eggs containing Nuts as many of our patients are severely allergic. Dark Chocolate also a nice option.

It would be amazing if you could let us know when you intend to visit us?

To give us a heads up and for more information on how to donate and deliver, of if you are a local company collecting many eggs, please email so we can assist you and coordinate delivery.

Eggs away……………………