A new way of Fundraising... 

We've partnered up with GivePenny to offer you a new way of fundraising through connected giving. 

Connected giving makes it easier for you to raise money for good causes.

First, decide which ward, department or appeal you wish to support, then, connect an app like Strava, Spotify, Fitbit or Twitch to your GivePenny profile to unlock creative donation methods on your fundraising pages. Then launch a fundraising page connected to an app! 

You can then share it with your friends and family. They get to choose songs for your fundraising playlist, make you earn donations for every mile you track, and more - all in return for a donation to your chosen area. 

How it works: 

Playlist Fundraising

Want to create a playlist to remember a loved one or a running playlist to accompany you on your training? Your friends and family and donate a song to a playlist via Spotify. 

Stream for good

Love streaming for charity? You can connect to Twitch to raise funds

Donations for miles

With Per-Mile Pledges made by friends, you can earn donations for the miles your track during training, just link Strava or Fitbit to start.

Cheers along the way

Your friends and family can cheer, hug or love updates on your fundraising page!

 Head to GivePenny to start your connected giving fundraising journey!

 You can also use GivePenny to donate to the charity too