Knit or Crochet for a Brighter Future

Need a reason to be creative? take up a hobby? or have fun with friends?  Crocheting and knitting are good for you!

The proven health benefits of crocheting and knitting include reduced stress, better ability to cope with illness (physical and mental) and a decreased risk of cognitive impairment as you age.

Relaxed, repetitive motions help calm down the body and the brain creating a better mood. Knitting and crocheting also help with fine motor skills and keeping your fingers and hands feeling good as you age.

Additionally, all patterns involve maths keeping your mind sharp!

Crocheting and knitting are often group activities so why not organise a 'Knit and Natter' or a 'Crochet and Chatter' with your work colleagues, neighbours and friends. Being among friends can help combat loneliness and isolation, which  contribute to health problems.

As well as the many health benefits knitting and crocheting can help Brighter Futures support families in need and raise vital funds for the Hospital and local Community Health Service. During the Easter Holidays we raise around £3,300 from selling our knitted Easter chicks alone!  In 2020 we launched a new initiative called the Brighter Futures Blanketeers to make blankets for end of life patients, bringing comfort and warmth to them and their families. 

We have lots of wonderful patterns (see below) for items that we sell throughout the year, so if you have some spare time and yarn why not give it a go and help a great cause! At this moment in time, we do not need any more knitted baby hats or baby clothes. If this changes we will update our website.  

Butterflies   Chicks Bunny Snowman  Christmas Pudding  Ghost  Pumpkin  Twiddle Muff

To read our knitted items purchaser safety notice click here.



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