Brighter Futures Blanketeers

Blankets lovingly made for end of life patients to bring comfort and warmth to them and their families

Volunteers make blankets for the dying patient in the hospital.  The blankets bring a little colour and homeliness to the clinical environment.  Staff are encouraged to spray the blanket with the patient toiletries whilst they are still alive so that they have the comfort smell of that individual.  They are then offered to the bereaved to take away. 

Wool and Wool Donations

We don’t specify and all kinds of yarn are used. Wool donations will happily be accepted to enable anyone to knit or crochet a blanket.

Who gets one?

Everyone who is placed on the last days of life pathway is offered a blanket. If the patient is unable to decide then the family are asked on their behalf. We would always get permission, unless there is no family in which case the clinical staff will use their own judgment.

We estimate that Great Western Hospital will use over 500 of these blankets each year.

Infection Control and Storage

We would  ask our knitters  to kindly carry out a gentle wash, before bagging and bringing to the Brighter Futures Blanketeers meetings. The blankets will be put in a bag with a card and distributed to wards ready for use.  

Gift Card

The gift card enclosed with the blanket will say:

 "This blanket has been handmade with love by a member of the Brighter Futures Blanketeers Knitting Group. We hope this brings you comfort, every stitch was knitted with love."

Blanket Size

The blanket can be any size or design and needs to cover an adult up to their chest. Generally this is about 153 cm (5ft.) x 122 cm (4ft.)  

Here's a link to a simple guide on the square you could create.

As the Brighter Futures logo is butterflies then if anyone wanted to add a knitted or crocheted butterfly to the blanket then that would be lovely.


Thank you

We would like to thank everyone who is willing to knit or crochet a blanket for us. If this initiative proves hugely popular and we receive more blankets than required Brighter Futures will label, bag and sell any extra blankets in its pop up shop and the income will be banked to our End of Life team. Thank you!

Blanketeer Meeting Dates and Times

Due to COVID-19, Tesco Extra have closed their Community Room until further notice.  Therefore the Blanketeers meetings will not be held until the room is re-opened and social distancing rules have lapsed.  We are sure that you understand that the health and safety of you all is our priority at this time.  

Please continue to knit/crochet the squares and blankets and we ask you to hold onto them at your homes until we are able to meet again.  

We will contact you to let you know when the meetings will re-commence.

Thank you for your continued patience and support, this project cannot happen without our amazing knitters and crocheters.  

Tesco Community Room, Ocotal Way Swindon SN1 2EH:


Monday 18th May 2-4pm - CANCELLED

Tuesday 19th May 2-4pm - CANCELLED


Monday 15th June 2-4pm - CANCELLED

Tuesday 16th June  2-4pm - CANCELLED


Monday 20th July 2-4pm - CANCELLED

Tuesday 21st July 2-4pm - CANCELLED


Monday 17th August 2-4pm - CANCELLED

Tuesday 18th August 2-4pm - CANCELLED


Monday 21st September 2-4pm - CANCELLED

Tuesday 22nd September 2-4pm - CANCELLED


Monday 19th October 2-4pm - CANCELLED

Tuesday 20th October 2-4pm - CANCELLED


Monday 16th November 2-4pm - CANCELLED

Wednesday 18th November 2-4pm - CANCELLED